Bouncing Balls

I wanted to expand on the bouncing ball example that was presented a few classes ago, and with my new comprehension of objects, the logical course was to make more bouncy balls!

What Goes Up…

I started by using the current mouse position to set the spawn point for the balls. They then bounce either up or down at a random speed between -5 and 5, and a random color and size is assigned to each one. Once a ball hits the edge of the canvas, it bounces in the other direction.

Side to Side

The next step was simply to add movement in the x-axis. This was done by creating separate variables for both x- and y-speed, and multiplying said speed by -1 whenever it hits an edge (since multiplying by a negative will always give you the opposite sign as an output). This creates a nice little un

Paint and Incorporate

The first change was removing the background function so that the balls would paint their path. Then I added Jason’s cannon object and modified it to fire black rectangles. This created a nice dynamic of the balls painting and the rectangles erasing.

The last thing I had wanted to do was figure out a way to assign a lifetime to each ball, so that their colors would dim over time and, once they became black, would actually be removed from the array. However, I didn’t have much luck in this area.

Written on October 11, 2017