Candle Holder

I wanted to work with a cylindrical object both to save time and so that I could bring it back to the lathe to sand. I made the model in three steps. First I extruded a circle into a cylinder. Then I extruded four squares into columns, and subtracted them from the cylinder. Finally I extruded three circles into discs, and added them back into the main cylinder. I started with a square piece of wood that I rounded out on the lathe to get to this point:


Since I already had it on the lathe, I already had the center hole. Here is the material on the 4-axis.

Chuck it up

The job only took around 45 minutes, and I probably could have shortened it significantly by not having a finishing pass. Here are some action shots.

Action 1

Action 2

And here it is after the finishing pass:


Now I still had to hollow out the center, so I used a 1.5ā€ spade bit and took it over to the drill press.

Off the machine

Drill press

Once Iā€™d hollowed it out, I cut off as much excess material from the bottom and sanded down the top so that it could fit in the lathe chuck to sand it.



And here is the finished product:

Final Light

Final Dark

Written on April 18, 2018