Concentric Joint

For our skill builder on the CNC machine, I wanted to see if I could design my own joint. I went with the idea of routing concentric circles to create a joint that could rotate. I divided a circle into four segments, the inner circle, and three concentric rings around it. For one side of the joint, I would create a pocket cut of the inner circle and the second ring, and the other side side of the joint would have a pocket cut for the first and third ring.


Here are the four circles all together, these were then glued together to create a stackable arrangement.


Pre-Glue 1 Pre-Glue 2

Glue Up

Here is a single piece after the glue up, and then the two pieces side by side showing the mirrored sides.

Fifth Layer Fifth Layer

And here are the two pieces fit into each other.

Fifth Layer

Written on March 1, 2018