I decided to use this assignment to work on my enclosure for the PCOMP final, the Expressifier. My project involves using an expression pedal (type of guitar pedal) to control a multitude of servos, allowing for a musician to manipulate a parameter on one of their pedal’s while still playing (there is only one working servo currently for the demo). The expression pedal plugs into the enclosure, which then routes that information to a servo. I used a simple, store-bought plastic enclosure and a drill to make this project.


The first thing I did was drill the two holes for the potentiometers. I measured the enclosure into thirds and made a mark at these positions so that the potentiometers would be equidistant from each other and the sides. After successfully mounting the potentiometers, I added some knobs with set screws on them to expand their dynamic range past 10.

Pots Knobs

The next thing I did was to drill another hole for the expression pedal input. This is simply a 1/4” stereo cable that carries the voltage to the expression pedal and then sends the data back.


I then added a stompbox switch on top to enable/disable data being sent to the servo.


And lastly, I cut a hole in the back to allow for powering the electronics and sending data to the servo.

Diamond Diamond

Written on November 28, 2017