The second week on the lathe involved fitting two pieces together to make a mallet. I went with a simple design since I was starting from square pieces of wood and just getting them round took a bit of time.


I used a similar piece of wood for the handle that I used for the previous week’s assignment. I rounded that up and then used the parting tool on the live end to get the diameter close to the appropriate size for the hole that I was going to drill in the mallet head.

Material 2 Material 3

I rounded that up, made my marks for the three holes, and went over to the drill press.

Handle Hole

I used a 7/8” spade bit to make the hole for the handle.

Dowel Hole 1 Dowel Hole 2

Then I used a 1/4” bit for the dowel holes. I then cut the excess length off of the head and went back to the lathe to sand a bit. I also finished the handle to make sure it would fit properly and be held securely in place by the dowels.

It fits!

I then went back to the drill press and make the hole in the handle.

Handle Hole

And here is the finished mallet!


Written on April 12, 2018