Expressifier Servo Mount

For this final assigment, I decided to improve the servo mount for my PCOMP project, the Expressfier. The concept of this project involves using an expression pedal to control a servo. By attaching the servo to a knob on a guitar pedal, a musician can then manipulate effects with their feet, without having to stop playing.

The mounts are made from a solid piece of wood.


The first mount I made was very crude, as it was cut by hand. This resulted in a very uneven cut.

Attempt1 | Attempt1

I ended up having to sand the notch at an offset angle so the servo was parallel to the floor.

Attempt1 | Attempt1

For the second attempt, I used a skill saw to make the initial cut. Unfortunately the piece of wood was so thick, I had to make two cuts before it broke through. This was still a much better cut than by hand, but I still had to sand it down a lot to get it flat.


I then marked out how wide and deep the cut needed to be so that the servo was parallel to the pedal and so there was no gap between the wood and the pedal.


I used a Dremel with a router bit to get rid of most of the material, then used a chisel to get the edges as flat and flush as possible. I then drilled two pilot holes for the screws.


I then mounted the servo, and was pretty pleased with how it sat. It was a bit tilted, but it functions much better now.




And here it is attached to the pedal. The gap is much smaller now and the servo attaches to the pedal easily and without strain.


Written on December 13, 2017