Tetrahedron Diamond

I wanted to make a simple geometric structure based around triangles. I’ve made some tetrahedrons in the past, but they’ve always been cut by hand, leaving rough edges and uneven lengths. I didn’t take full advantage of the laser cutters capabilities, but the result was satisfying. I started with a cardboard model, and eventually moved onto 1/8” foamboard. The adhesive used was hot glue.


I cut the largest piece of foamboard that could fit in the 50W cutter, and then fit 3 equilateral triangles in that space.

Cut Pieces

I started by glueing two pieces together using the third piece as a guide for the correct angle to let the glue set. Once that had dried, it was fairly simple to glue the third piece into place.

With Model

After the first one had set, I repeated the process and made a second one.


I then cut the top off the cardboard model to make a stand for the foam pieces, allowing me to rest the bottom piece flat so that they could be glued together.

Diamond Diamond

Written on November 15, 2017