What is Interaction?

I view technology as extensions of the self. We use these tools only to become them. My interest with interaction revolves largely around what kinds of interactions we are setting ourselves up for based on the technolgies and tools we are creating and using. How can these technologies enhance or detract from our experiences with each other and ultimately lead to a better understanding of ourselves?

Is technology something we interact with or something we use to interact through?

We can look at interaction as an exchange between two entities, wherein a transfer of information affects change in both parties. These transfers of information need to be informed by one another and must happen at speed, else the feeling of interaction is lost and the exchange becomes one sided. And these transfers of information must occur through a medium, which narrates the possibilities of interaction.

My computer is something that I “interact” with daily. But having given it some more thought, am I really interacting with the computer? Or am I interacting with all the content that someone else created, and through that, am I interacting with them? It would seem to me that my computer is a virtual represtation of myself and the internet a medium that other digital individuals can interact with one another.

Written on September 11, 2017